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Sara LeBleu
United States
Current Residence: Odessa, TX
Favourite genre of music: Celtic and Renaissance
Favourite photographer: My Sister-in-Law. (I have to say that, or else she'll hurt me, heh!)
Personal Quote: Welcome to Louisiana -- the only state that can misplace a military tank and get away with it!
0( - )0( - )0( - )0( - )0( borrowed this from Paladin343, who filched it from someone else, who came across it from another person, and etc...  So, what I'm saying is that the form ain't mine, but the character and the answers are.  

Sorry if toes get stepped on.

)0( - )0( - )0( - )0( - )0(


1) What's your character's name?
Nue'fxa (pronounded -noo eh  f wah-) dur Lomyste, but he rarely ever goes by that name.  Most of the time he goes by a nickname derived from the second part of his given name and his father's name.

2) How old is he/she?
Somewhere in the vicinity of two thousand years old... give or take a century or three.

3) Is your OC a boy or girl?

4) What's his/her race?
Er... that one's a little tough.  I suppose you could say he's a demi-god elevated to full god... sorta... kinda... in a round about way.


Eyes - A collage of silver and gold .
Hair - Black, calf length, worn loose or something tied back at the nape of the neck, but rarely bound.
Nue'fxa stands somewhere between 6' and 5'8", but because he can alter his appearance at will, it's impossible to state a true height.  The same applies for his skin tone, but it is normally a dusky hue.  He is lean, but not lanky; his features are sharp, making him neither handsome nor pretty, but still attractive.

1) If this character were to suddenly become part of the 3D world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get?
A good many.

2) Is your character considered normal in his/her own world?
No, definitely not.  In fact, he goes out of his way to break as many molds as possible... and tick off as many people as possible in the process.

3) What would be his/her most recognizable feature(s):
Probably his attitude.

4) Would you consider your OC as attractive?
Physically, I suppose so, but his personality tends to be at odds with his outerself


Nue'fxa is the offspring of a powerful Mage and a goddess, making him a demi-god; however, before he could come of 'magical age', his physical form was destroyed by older gods and they locked his spirtual essence away in seperate realm and stripped him of most of his power.  
He's still a bit bitter over that...
Before that, while still mortal, he was a pampered aristocrat that did not know the meaning of 'no', nor did anyone dare to say it to him.  He indulges in every vice and ignores every social code of conduct, flaunting his indiscretions with certain knowledge that no one will call him on it.  Though physically and mentally an adult, he lacks the discipline, or concern, to care about very little beyond what will make him happiest.  In fact, the only person that he ever shows concern over is his father.

1) Temper?:
Short and violent.

2) Does your character ever get depressed?
Does self-pity count as depression?  If so, then yeah, you could say that.

3) Leader or Follower?
The only person Nue'fxa would ever consider following would be his father; and in most cases he would be the one leading his father.

What is the main aspect of his/her personality?
Selfish to the core, Nue'fxa has little time for anything that doesn't go toward pleasing himself.  Despite this rather unfortunate aspect of his personality he is very loyal toward family, especially his father (he's almost fanatical in regard to his father...) and tends to throw his entire being into whatever captures his attention.


1) Did your OC have a family of any sort?

      If so, are they still alive?
Yes... no... that's another hard one to answer.  His mother is a goddess, so she's still running about; his father.... well, he died, but he's been reborn... so, I don't know how you'd catagorize that.  He does have siblings, but he pretty much ignores them and they aren't aware of his existence.

2) Has he/she encountered any traumatizing events?
That whole getting killed and stripped of power (not to mention physical form) thing was a little taxing, yeah.

3) What was probably the best time in his/her life so far?
Eh... his entire existence is a living example of overindulgence.


1) Single?
Other than being a playboy, the only people he has time for is himself and his father.

2)Has your OC developed any romantic relationships?
Uh... would the obsession with his father count?  Probably shouldn't...

3) Virgin?
... No...

4) Does your character like flirting?
... Yes... too much... too often.


1) What animal would you associate your OC with?
Oddly enough, a coyote.

2) Musical Instrument?

3) Element?
Wind... really tempestuous wind.

4) Planet?

Showing the Love

1) Do you draw your character?
Yes, when he cooperates.

2) Do you write about him/her?

3) Do you use him/her in any rpgs?

4) What other ways have you appreciated your OC?
I haven't let him be strung up by any of my other characters... quite a few of whom are calling for his head on a pike  .


1) Is your character wanted for anything?
Uh... if he hasn't done it, then it hasn't been done.

2) What are three weaknesses in him/her?
1.  His fondness for taking insult and angering.
2.  His fondness for taking just about anything that isn't nailed down.
3. His singlemindedness.
(And there are plenty more, but not enough time to list them all.)

3) Strengths?
Well, he's pretty hard to kill, not truly having a physical form and all.  On a mental scale, once he sets his mind on something, then there's no deviating him from his chosen plan of action (which is prone to changing often and without notice).

4) Does your OC drink or smoke (etc.)?
A day that he doesn't will be the day that someone manages to kill him...

5) What's one quirk about him/her?
Shoes are evil... so are shirts... and pants.  You know what, he's not too fond of any clothing... the boy is probably a closet nudist.

6) Does your character have any phobias?
He cannot, under any circumstances, stand to be submerged in total darkness.  Don't know why, and he ain't telling, but it's not pretty if it does happen.

7) What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage?
Um... hard to say, he's so volatile that you never really know how he's going to react to something.  I would have to say, if something did set him off, it would probably have to do with something harming his father (the boy is damned obsessed with keeping his daddy safe and happy...).

8) Does your OC like chickens?
They taste wonderful and his pets love crunching on the bones.

The Final Question

What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like?
I like him, for the most part.  Though I am a little worried about how fanatic he is over his determination to protect and care for his father...
That can't be healthy.

)0( - )0( - )0( - )0( - )0(


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